Our solutions

The scope of supply of KASAG LANGNAU AG comprises:
- Layout and manufacture of the heat exchanger elements incl. secondary circuit. We rely on a calculation program established especially for the purpose.
- Installation of the heat exchanger elements in the canal and laying of the pipes to the canal exit, or inlet / outlet of the central heating facility, respectively.
- Inspection, testing and acceptance.






Image: Energieschweiz für Infrastrukturanlagen

The recovery of heat from sewage is possible in canals of a great variety of cross-section geometries. Our modular designs enable individual solutions for the most varied applications. All types of canal heat exchangers are available from us.
For existing or newly laid sewers   For concrete elements with integrated heat exchanger
In the interest of a shortes possible installation time in the canal and simultaneous taking advantage of the pipes arranded above the heat exchanger we offer an optimized solutions suitable for both heating and cooling.