KASAG's performances


Material sector:
- Cr > 19%, Ni > 8% (1.4307 / 1.4571)
- Cr > 19%, Ni > 12% (1.4539 / 1.4828)
- Duplex (1.4362, 1.4410)
- Alloys NiCrFeMo with Ni > 40% (Inconel, Hastelloy)
- Alloys Al-Mn und Mg (AlMg4.5Mn)

Engineering / Quality assurance:
Calculation and desing in accordance to PED (AD-2000), ASME, China Stamp. For design implementation we use Autocad 2D and Inventor 3D. We offer for almost all countries in the world official acceptances.

Welding competence:
High-grade welding work in compliance with ISO 3834-2.
Our certified specialists apply all necessary welding processes: MIG, MAG, TIG, plasma, orbital, and with registered welding additives.

Surface treatment / inspections and tests:
Apparatus, vessels of stainless stell are ground, pickled, passivated and inspected / tested in accordance with specifications by means of non-destructrive inspection and testing methodes (X-ray, coulor penetration tests, pressure tests, etc.).

KASAG LANGNAU AG manufactures vessels and pipework also on the spot and carries out repairs.