Two-stage back cooking plant

The two-stage cooking systems are built with two process containers. 
The cooking process takes place in the first container and cooling of the product in the second one.
These systems are particularly suitabel for medium to large volumes.


Vertical cooking system

A vertical cooker as well as a vertical cooler are used in this system type. Heating and cooling take place over the forcible circulation systems of the two process tanks. The cooler is additionally equipped with a multi-tubular surface condenser. Special coaxial stirring unit take care of the mixing task in the cooker and cooler. This type of system is mainly used for medium volumes.
  cooking plant
Cooking plant with horizontal cooker and vertical cooler

This combination is suitable for short cooking and cooling sequences. The horizontal process tank with the helical ribbon impeller (for a gentle treatment of the product) is used for the cooking process. The heatable jacket and the heatable pipe coil system of the helical ribbon impeller guarantee a very short cooking time. The vertical cooler with jacket and base cooling, mounted multi-tubular surface condenser and coaxial stirring unit guarantee efficient cooling. This system is used for larger volumes.
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Horizontal cooking plant

Both process tanks of horizontal execution are equipped with helical ribbon impellers. The cooler is operated without multi-tubular surface condenser. Heating and cooling take place over the forcible circulation of the jacket and the pipe coil system of the helical ribbon impeller.
The following attributes characterize this system:
- Short cooking and cooling times.
- This combination ensures most gentle mixing,
   especially when lumpy products are processed.
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Plant for jam production

This system type consists of a horizontal cooker and a special vacuum evaporator of vertical execution with multi-tubular surface condenser.
The system is characterized by the following:
- Short cooking times
- Gentle mixing thanks to the helical ribbon impeller
- Short concentration time to achieve the specified
  sugar content
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