Additional plant components

Apart from the basic execution of a cooking plant we also supply and install all additional system components required for a complete production line.
Automatic fast-closing manhole
Our automatic fast-closing manholes of the rated widths of 500 and 600 mm ensure rapid and safe filling processes.
food processing lines   cooler cooker
Energy module
The energies provided by the client are suitably conditioned over the energy module for the cooking plant.
Transport container for raw products
Size of the movable transport containers: up to approx. 500 litres.
Dimensions and design of the bearing and tilting device suitable for the available lifter.
vacuum cooler    
The lifter is used to bring the transport containers to the level of the cookers's fill opening where they are emptied by the tilting device.
Colorant / aromatics container
Various additives are added to the product only during the cooling process.
The colorant and aromatics container ensures precise metering and a gentle addition.
Rotational mesh filter
For the separation of fruit stones, kernels and seeds from the products. Filter baskets with the required mesh sizes are used depending on the product.
Magnetic separator / metal detector
Metallic parts in the raw materials can be removed effectively by means of a magnetic separator. A metal detector with automatic separation of the part in question is used for the detection of non-magnetic metal parts.
Sampling systems
In the interest of effective quality control of the products we offer sampling systems of different executions, suitable for installation in the process container or in the pipework ahead of the product filling station.
Brix measurement
The desired quality of the end product is achieved with the exact sugar content.
To ensure that the sugar content is maintained at the right level we supply you the pertaining Brix measuring device.
Product filling
We supply you with the complete and customized container and small-receptacle filling stations and equipment to suit your requirements.
Further system components
- Buffer tank
- Double-tube heat exchanger
- CIP (Cleaning-In-Place) equipment